What snacks should you take on a long flight?  Great question!  There are several factors to consider.   A great way to start is to make a list of ideas.  So, let’s take a look at several ideas that will help you decide on what to take.

Who is in your travel party?


Do you have children with you?


Consider what the child will and will not eat.  Try to find items that they not only like, but, that will not be messy.  Nothing is more frustrating than having to clean sticky fingers on a flight or to pick up tons of small crackers on the floor of the airplane. Remember that you and your kiddos need water.  You can take a refillable collapsible cup that will serve you well.  Check out my gifts page to see the cup that I recommend.


Do you have someone that has special dietary needs?

Make sure to pick items that someone in your group is not allergic to or that will cause dietary distress.


What Travels Well?


Consider taking things like trail mix.

While some trail mixes can be too sweet, most are a nice mix of nuts, dried fruit and seed providing a nice balance of protein and carbohydrates.  Another good choice is Protein bars.  Look for the ones that include little to no added sugars.  Granola bars also can provide energy and fiber.

Fruits are a good choice.



Choose fruit that is not terribly messy.  Consider grapes, bananas, apples and berries.  Fruits are usually easy to carry and do not require special preparation or refrigeration. Prepare your fruit by washing it beforehand. Fruits that must be peeled can sometimes be messy.  Make sure to carry a small trash bag to keep the peelings contained.


Vegetables are another great choice.


Consider taking carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes and celery.  Small individual packages of nut butters can also add flavor and protein to your pre-cut vegetables.  Carry your vegetables in a small resealable bag or a small container.

Cheese sticks or squares.


Cheese sticks on a platter to be served

Cheese sticks

Most cheeses can withstand several hours on an airplane without spoiling.  Just be careful not to choose cheeses with a strong smell or odor.  The last thing you want is to be “that” person that brings food on the plane that smells too strong.




Beef jerky ready to eat


Though jerky is a great source of protein and is perfect for travel, be careful.  Jerky can have a pungent odor and cause a problem for those around you with sensitive noses.  Make sure to carry it in a sealed bag to keep it from drying out.





Chocolate on a table with almonds

Delicious chocolate and almonds

Who doesn’t love chocolate?  If you have a sweet tooth, bring a little sweet treat.  Choose darker varieties if you can as it will have some health benefits.


Pretzels, Popcorn, Crackers, Chips


These are great snacks, just be careful if you have children as many of these small snacks end up on the floor of the airplane.  Make sure to carry a small bag for trash with you.



Turkey and cheese sandwich


If you can bring a sandwich with you from home, you will be able to choose exactly what you want in that sandwich.  Just be careful to choose items that will not spoil before you get the chance to eat it.  Of course, you can always buy a sandwich in the airport after you clear security.  The downside of purchasing a sandwich at the airport is that you have no control what is in it and they tend to be expensive.



Blue water bottles. One lying sideways and one standing up


Most airlines do still provide free drinks of some kind, although not all.  One great idea is to bring your own water bottle empty and fill it up after you clear security.  If you forget your refillable bottle, then it is a  good idea to grab a large bottle of water after you clear security and stay hydrated during your flight.  You never know if you might be stuck on the tarmac because of some glitch or emergency.

I hope these ideas help you with ideas on what snacks to take on your next flight to stay comfortable and satisfied.  Make sure to pack your snacks so that they are easily accessible in your carry on bag.  Your family will thank you for it and it will keep little ones happy.

Until next time!

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