How to surprise someone with a cruise is a question that I want to answer. Who doesn’t want to be surprised with an amazing vacation?  I know I do.  I have thought about this often.  What it would mean to be surprised with an amazing cruise vacation on a luxury cruise ship to some exotic and beautiful destination.  So, buckle up.  Here are some ideas on how you can surprise your loved one with a perfect cruise vacation.


Multi colored balloons for a surprise


Do Your Research


Start by researching the different cruise lines.  Do you want adventure, relaxation, excitement, luxury.  Many cruise lines offer different options.  For instance, Carnival is known as the fun ship.  Royal Caribbean is a ship with lots and lots of activities onboard.  Norwegian is known as “freestyle”  allowing you to choose your dining time and show times and then there is Viking which is mostly all inclusive and designed for those with luxury in mind. Disney is the “family” cruise and is a great choice if little ones are to be included.  Start by looking at the various websites to see which cruise line might be perfect for you and your loved one.


Disney cruise ship in the port of Norway


There are many cruise lines to choose from.  Do your research to determine the one that best suits you.  Also take in consideration the destinations you want to visit.  Consider the duration, itinerary, activities, and onboard amenities. Decide on the dates you want to travel and once you have selected the cruise, make sure to check availability and book it.  I recommend purchasing travelers insurance just in case of emergencies.

Plan the Surprise


Think about how you want your surprise to be revealed. Will it be a quiet moment between you and the recipient?  Will it be at a public place?  Will it include friends or other loved ones?  You can go for a grand gesture or a more subtle approach depending on the person’s personality. Make sure to put your surprise in place BEFORE it is revealed.

A couple of ideas to consider.  Go for a nice dinner.  After dinner, ask the waiter to deliver the cruise documents in the bill folder instead of the bill.  Once you special someone opens the folder, they will see the cruise that you have planned inside the bill folder.    Another idea would be to have balloons delivered with the cruise documents tied to the balloon strings.


Romantic dinner table outside the restaurant


Prepare the Announcement


Create an announcement that contains the surprise. You can get creative and customize it to match the cruise theme. For example, you can design a boarding pass, create a message in a bottle, or even make a puzzle or scavenger hunt to unveil the surprise.  I love the idea of a scavenger hunt.  Just make sure that you don’t hide them in a public place – you don’t want a stranger to find valuable information.


Set the Stage:

Choose an appropriate location or create a special atmosphere to reveal the surprise. You could consider decorating a room with nautical elements or setting up a themed dinner to enhance the surprise.  It would even be fun to take your loved one out on a boat for the evening and surprise them while you are out on the water.

Involve Loved Ones:

If appropriate, involve close family members or friends in the surprise. They can help you with the planning, or you can gather everyone together for the surprise reveal, making it a more memorable and joyful experience.  Just make sure that your loved one will be ok with having others there.  Don’t forget to take lots of pictures.  This will be a special memory that you won’t want to forget.

Timing is Everything:


Timer that is white with black numbers


Consider the best timing to surprise the person. It could be a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, holiday, mothers day/fathers day or you might choose to surprise them on an ordinary day to make it even more unexpected.

Capture the Moment:

Make sure to have a camera ready to capture the person’s reaction when they discover the surprise. It might even be fun to gift a new camera to your loved one with a note that they can use it on their special cruise.  This way, you can create lasting memories of the special moment and on the cruise itself.



Once the surprise is revealed, help the person with the necessary planning details for the cruise. Share the booking details, provide information about packing essentials, and assist with any required travel arrangements such as house sitting, pet sitting, passports, etc.

Plan Additional Surprises:


Gift wrapped in paper with pink bow


To make the overall experience more memorable, consider planning additional surprises during the cruise. You can book special activities, excursions, or onboard celebrations to make the trip even more enjoyable.  The cruise itself would love to help you with this.  Just ask!

Remember, when planning a surprise, always consider the person’s preferences, interests, and any potential travel challenges. By putting thought and effort into the surprise, you’re sure to create an unforgettable experience for them.

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