Gifts for Dad’s who love to travel are the perfect brithday gift, father’s day gift, Christmas present or even a “just because you care gift”. Choosing a gift for a dad who travels frequently can be a thoughtful way to make his journeys more comfortable and enjoyable. Here are some gift ideas tailored for dads who are always on the go:  To be completely transparent, as an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases – thanks for supporting my small business:

Travel Accessories:



Black contoured Eye Mask Gfit for Dad

Travel Gear:


    • Quality Luggage: A durable, well-designed suitcase or carry-on bag.  This great carry on suitcase is perfect for the Dad in your life.  Boasting a 360 degree spinner wheels, it also comes in a variety of colors.  Lightweight, durable and fashionable, your Dad will love this luggage by Swissgear.  If your Dad is planning a cruise, you can check out more choices for luggage here.
    • Travel Backpack: A versatile, functional backpack designed for travel.  I love this travel backpack for my Dad  It has plenty of space to include a computer, shoes, clothing and business essentials.  It comes in a variety of colors and is made of functional yet durable material.  Check out this amazing backpack for your Dad right here.
    • Packing Cubes: Organizational cubes to keep his clothes and belongings tidy.  Compression packing cubes allow Dad’s to take more clothing in a much smaller space.  i love these cubes and the way that they make packing easier.  Your Dad will love these packing cubes.
    • Travel Adapter: A universal adapter to ensure his devices work worldwide.  This power adapter boasts the ability to work in over 150 countries.  It’s a “must” for Dad’s who travel abroad for both buiness and leisure.  This adapter comes in a variety of colors and is highly rated.  

Black Carry on bag for Dad's who love to travel

Travel Gadgets:


    • Noise-Canceling Earbuds: For a peaceful journey amidst noise.  I love these noise cancelling earbuds.  Perfect for listening to Ted talks, watching movies, or catching up on podcasts.  These earbuds are reasonably priced and are perfect for Dad’s who love to travel.  Check out these great earbuds right here.
    • Portable Charger: To keep devices charged while on the go.  This great little charger is compact and powerful.  Use it to charge your phone, tablet or computer on the go.  This charger is compatible with Apple, Samsung, etc.  Get this portable charger for your Dad right here.
    • E-reader or Tablet: For reading books, magazines, or watching movies.  There are many tablets that will be perfect for your Dad.  I love this Samsung tablet for it’s beautiful display and powerful processor.  Your dad will be able to dowload movies, music and more while on the go.  Take a look at this amazing tablet.
    • Travel-sized Bluetooth Speaker: For enjoying music in hotel rooms.  I love this little JBL speaker.  Your dad will too!  Delivering great sound combined with its’ portability, makes this a great gift for your dad.

Samsung Tablet with orange and blue picture


Travel Books and Guides:





Mens travel journal in brown with an included pen.





    • Travel Gift Cards: Gift cards for airlines, hotels, or booking websites.
    • Adventure Tours: Book an exciting excursion or adventure at his travel destination.
    • Language Learning App: A subscription to help him learn the local language.  Rosetta Stone language learning might be the best gift your Dad gets this year.  A leading language teaching program is perfect for any Dad who is ready to learn.


Rosetta Stone Learn all 25 languages lessons

Personalized Gifts:



As you think about a  travel gift for your Dad, consider your dad’s specific travel preferences and needs, whether he’s a frequent flyer, road tripper, foodie, wine conosseur or adventure junkie. Personalizing the gift to his tastes and travel style will make it even more meaningful.


Until next time!



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