When it comes to choosing a gift for people who love to travel, it can be a lot of fun.  The only thing I love more than receiving a gift is giving a gift to someone.  There are so many items that can help your friends or family be more comfortable on their trip.  Let’s explore some of those items and see if we can find that perfect gift for you to give.  It’s a good idea to consider items that are practical, small in size, and actually make the travel experience for your friends or family better than ever. Though cameras are not listed here, you can see my recommendations here.  Here are some gift ideas for you to consider – as an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases – thanks for supporting my small business:

Travel Accessories:


Travel pillow.


There are several travel pillows to choose from.  I like the idea of choosing an inflatable pillow so that it will be compact and easily carried in a personal travel bag.  The one that I have chosen here, is highly rated, supports the head neck and chin and also has a place for your hands and arms.  This particular item also includes earplugs and an eye mask.  The price point is very good.  Check it out here:  Inflatable travel pillow.


Travel Pillow with holes in it



Travel adapter:



Travel adapter that has usb ports as well as lots of outlets for different countries.


A universal adapter that works in multiple countries is a great gift for travelers of all ages.  This particular all-in-one adapter includes 4 different plugs that cover over 150 countries, such as USA, Canada, Japan, UK, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, China, Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, etc. (excluding South Africa, India).

It is a 6 IN 1 travel adapter  and you can charge up to 6 devices simultaneously at high speed with 4 USB-A ports (2.4A), 1 USB-C port (3A), and 1 AC socket. Great for charging iPhones, laptops, tablets, power banks, cameras, headsets, and more.

This adapter will allow travelers to keep up to date with email, movies, books, games, etc.  A great gift!


Luggage tags:


5 Orange luggage tags with airplane pictured on them


Personalized Luggage Tags blue in color


Everyone needs luggage tags.  Rather than choosing the free tags at the airport, gift your loved one with tags that they can easily recognize.  These tags come in a variety of colors and come in a pack of 5.  Another great option for luggage tags are these personalized tags which help identify their bags even more easily.  Just a quick heads up, these tags take a little longer to receive as they are personalized.  Order them early.


Packing cubes


Packing cubes with blue flowers


Ok, these are a must!  I own these packing cubes in a beautiful blue (they come in a variety of beautiful colors).  They helped me take a 9 day cruise to Europe with a carry on suitcase!  These bags not only help you stay organized, but, they also compress clothing to help you keep your belongings compact and easy to pack.  Helps keep belongings organized.  This is a great gift for people who travel.


TSA-approved toiletry bag


Toiletry bag for TSA with empty bottles ready for filling



This travel size container kit can be used for Liquid, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, cream, cosmetics, etc.  Not only does it come with empty bottles, but all of the small empty bottles and tubes meet TSA/Airline carry-on approved, suit for every situation.  This bag provides ease for passing through security.


Portable Electronics


Power bank


Blue power bank for phone charging on vacation


I love this power bank.  It charges cordlessly, but, also includes cord outlets should you prefer to charge your device with a cord.  It also includes a flashlight.  Great little charge that will be a perfect gift. It keeps devices charged while on the go.  It also comes in a variety of colors.  It supports charging 6 devices simultaneously.  Who wouldn’t love this charger?


Noise-canceling headphones


Tan headphones that are wireless and cancel noise


Nothing is more frustrating than a crying baby in the middle of a long flight or the non-stop laughing or talking of a passenger around you.  You just want to sleep.  You just want to rest.  Well, never fear.  These headphones will not only block out conversations and crying, but, they will also block out ambient noise during flights.  The perfect balance of quiet, comfort, and sound. Bose uses tiny mics to measure, compare, and react to outside noise, cancelling it with opposite signals. Bluetooth range-up to 9 m (30 feet).



E-book reader


Kindle e book reader

An e-reader is a must-have for anyone who loves to travel.  This Kindle, allows them to carry multiple books in a single device. The lightest and most compact Kindle, now with a 300 ppi high-resolution display for sharp text and images.  Read comfortably with a glare-free, paper-like display. The adjustable front light and dark mode make reading effortless, day and night.

Travel Gear


Compact travel backpack


Gray travel backpack


I love, love, love this backpack.  Lightweight and easy to pack, it holds a 17 inch laptop and includes 4 packing cubes.  What more could you ask for in a backpack?  Your friend with thank you for this amazing travel gift.  This laptop backpack is designed to meet most IATA flight size requirements, with dimensions of 14 x 7 x 20 inches that can be expanded to 14 x 9 x 20 inches. The backpack can fit in the airplane’s overhead compartment as well as under the seat. Additionally, it has a convenient lay-flat design that enables you to open it up to 180 degrees, making it easier and faster for scanning at the checkpoint.


Travel-sized umbrella


Travel umbrella, blue with white clouds on the silk.


A must have for every traveller, this umbrella comes in a variety of colors to suit every need.  Compact and lightweight, your friend will love this small perfect umbrella.


Collapsible water bottle


Collapsible blue water bottle for travel


We all need to stay hydrated when we fly.  This bottle is perfect!  Simply unfold it after security and fill it up at the water fountain.  Saves lots of space when not in use.  Une it over and over again.


Quick-dry microfiber towel


Teal quick dry towel with carry bag


This towel is great for those going on a cruise, passengers on a long flight, a camping trip, a long hike or any number of other travel needs.  It dries quickly, is much lighter and takes up less space than other typical towels.  This towel comes in a variety of colors to suit every need.


Travel Journals and Maps


Scratch-off world map


Scratch Off World map for travelers


Scratch Off Map Of The World With Flags – the original Travel Tracker Scratch Off Map. Your loved one can scratch off the places they have visited and reveal their path in beautiful, bold colors that pop against a classic white background. This white and gold scratch off world map poster is perfectly sized at 17( h) x 24 (w) inches.   A Treasured Gift – This scratch off world map makes an excellent gift for the traveler in your life. This scratchable map is perfect for anyone with a sense of adventure. Share stories of countries you’ve visited and create dreams of future travels!


Travel journal


Gray travel journal with pen


This is a great notebook to document adventures in the life of your favorite traveler. This is a refillable writing journal. When you use all the pages you can easily refill this journal. Environmentally friendly. This faux leather bound can contains an A5 sized replaceable refill(200 pages). With a pen loop onto the side of the notebook, you can keep your pen safe.


City guidebooks


New York city Guidbook

City Guidebooks are a great way to make the most of your time while visiting your destination.  As a example, I have included a guidebook of NYC above.   Simply plug in the name of your favorite destination in the search bar.  These books provide insights and recommendations for destinations.


Pet Travel Bag Kit


Portable Dog dishes


These dog bowls are a must for those who like to travel with their pets.  The food bag and collapsible bowls can be folded and fit in your pocket to save space.


I hope these have given you some great gift ideas for your favorite traveler.  Be sure to remember to consider the individual’s preferences, interests, and specific travel plans when selecting a gift. The key is to choose something practical, thoughtful and sometimes even a little whimsical that enhances their travel experiences.  Happy shopping!


Until next time.

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